Once upon a time, there was a young man named Sidik. He was a son of a farmer who was very honest.
Whatever which entrusted with him, he always keep them and said them. Everybody known him because of his honestly.

Heard about the information about him, King Umar wanted to examine him. If he passed the examine, King would
have promoted him became a Kingdom Treasure. King asked to his guard to drop his robe so that Sidik saw
and picked it.

On that day, Sidik needed a lot of money to help his father to buy rice seed and fertilizer so that his father’s harvest
best. While he was walking home, he saw there was a robe under the tree. He went to the tree. He knew that the robe
belonged to The King. After Sidik put it, the guard backed to the palace and said it to the king.

In the way home, Sidik confused. He would sell it or back it to the king. If he sold it he would have had a lot of money
and he would have helped his father, but it was forbidden. Whereas if he returned it, he thought that he would have got
gratitution only. But he choosed the second choise although the risk was only get gratitution from the king. He
wanted to become an honest man only.

In the way to the palace, he prayed ”Allah help my father, please. Today I don’t get any money, I want to help
my father, Allah. Allah please help my father.” When he arrived in the palace, he only gave the robe to the guard and
he went home.

The day after, the king got into Sidik’s home. The king asked him to become a Kingdom Treasure. He get
a lot of money too as the king’s gratitution.

At the end, Sidik became the best honest and fair Kingdom Treasure. His parents proud of him and loved him.


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