Marriage is a consent given by the bride and bridgroom’s families at a weding ceremony which accept
the relationship between a man and a woman to fulfill the purpose of life to make a new family.

For moslems, getting merried is a compulsary if they have done things which are required because
to avoid free sex. But getting married has some basic reasons such as love, wealth, having children, making a family,
to avoid pregnancy before marriage, etc.

From the reasons above, there are some main reasons which are made by some couples to get married.
The main reasons are love, the wealth of partner, and having children.

The first is love. Love is abstract. Poeple can only feel it. Because of that someone who loves his partner,
will certainly marry him because if they don’t get married, they will be tapped in free sex like the western life.
This main reason has more advantage than its disadvantage. The advantage is the some couple can live without getting
a divorce. But the disadvantage is if their love is forbidden, they will get married secertly or one of the couple will
commit suicide.

The second is wealth of the partner. Nowdays some people are very happy if they have rich partners as
they can enjoy the wealth  of their partners. We can see this thing in the life of actor and actress. This thing is often hidden
when someone will marry her parner since if her partner knows that she only wants his wealth, he won’t marry her.
The disadvantage is the loss of the wealth of the partner will make him leave the partner and they will get divorce.

The third is there’s a proverb “The more more children one has, the more furtune he will get” so most people
think that if they have many children, they will have more wealth. But it is not worth anymore. The loss is if the couple
don’t have a job but they have had some children. Then one of the couple will do some crimes to fulfill the family’s need.

So most people get married for their individual reason. But the main reasons are love, the wealth of
the partner, and having children.

And if we will get married with love as the main reason, we must choose our partner well so that
our love is accepted.


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